Associates for Holistic Neurosurgery

DOZ- Dialyse Ordinationszentrum der Privatklinik Wehrle Diakonissen
Guggenbichlerstraße 20, 5026 Salzburg
Tel. +43(0)662/ 905 092 70

For appointments please call +43(0)662/ 905 092 70

Private Clinic Ritzensee

Schmalenbergham 4, 5760 Saalfelden
Tel. +43(0)6582 / 794

For appointments please call +43(0)6582 / 794

Private Practice

Charges occur after an office visit. Private Practice excludes contracts with various insurers. In order to facilitate reimbursement with your insurance company all services will be listed individually. Therefore up to 80% of the listed charges will be refunded in some cases. It varies according to insurance company.

Advantages of Private Practice:

  • There is no waiting period for an appointment.
  • Since there is a schedule there is no delay. Most of the time we will be on schedule.
  • We spend time in getting to know you and we take the time to treat you.
  • You can ask questions and we will provide answers before we treat you.

This is the link for reimbursement as provided by the Salzburg Gebietskrankenkasse. Please check it out under Kostenrückerstattung.