Holistic Medicine

The Consultation with “Heart and Mind”

The initial consultation is of utmost importance in the holistic concept. We assess signs and symptoms, as well as feelings and concerns. We have a special approach for obtaining a history and physical. There are three areas of interest:

  • Complaints
  • Family
  • Joy of Life

As much as possible we share consultations and therapeutic interventions since

  • …4 eyes see more
  • …4 ears listen better
  • …2 hearts feel more
  • … and 2 brains certainly know more

The Family is Involved


Whenever major changes in life occur for medical or social reasons, family is of great importance. Therefore we invite family members to participate in all aspects of care. From the first appointment onward, it is appropriate and even encouraged to bring a family member. Our experience has shown that the flow of care and success of therapy is enhanced by participation of the family. We respect the wishes of the patient, if there is a reluctance to do so.

Our care doesn’t end after a course of therapy is competed

Follow up with patients is of the utmost importance to us during the post-operative phase or once medical therapy has been completed. We believe in bonding with our patients beyond the immediate therapeutic intervention, which ensures the ongoing improvement of their well being.

How do we do it?

  • We help arrange proper ambulatory physical therapy and other home care
  • We advise our patients in the choice of an apartment in an assisted living complex or on adjustments they may need to make in their home
  • We continue seeing our patients in a short term care facility
  • We don’t hesitate to advise our patients about the purchase of walking aids or shoes or whatever they need to enhance their mobility