Patients’ Comments

..Your treatment has improved my well being enormously. I can leave the house by myself. I enjoy my independence and my life.

..Doctor, I didn’t think I would ever walk again.

..There are no more nightly interruptions of my sleep. I didn’t think a single injection to my back would work that well!

..After my mother was diagnosed with a bleed in her head we gave up all hope. It is a miracle to us that one small operation restored her, such that she is now returning to her home.

..Six months ago I was hospitalized and required surgery for blood clot in my head. It’s unbelievable that I am so much better! I have become the caregiver of my wife who requires assistance with everything.

..Already six weeks after back surgery I went on vacation by plane.

..24 hours after back surgery I can walk upright and climbing out of bed is no issue at all. Thank you so much.