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Two elderly people, a man and a woman with a walker in front of her, laughing with Dr Petra Gürtner.
Medical care is very important for patients, we take care of them!


A trusting relationship between doctor and patient Medical care is the be-all and end-all. It stands for trust between doctor and patient and usually ...

An X-ray of a neck from the side and information on the subject of postural deformity is written alongside.
Postural damage


Neck pain is a collective term for painful tension in the neck and shoulder muscles. Sometimes it is accompanied by headaches, dizziness, ringing in ...

An elderly man pushing a wheelbarrow with an elderly woman stretching her legs forward in fun.
Body, mind and soul are strengthened by walking! You too can regain this zest for life


Thanks to the eradication of deadly infectious diseases and the outstanding development of preventive medicine, more and more people are living to a ...

A portrait of a woman with glasses looking gloomily into the camera
Do you suffer from chronic pain? We can help you!


In chronic pain, the cause is often considered of little importance. The focus is on treatment with physiotherapy, psychotherapy, medications, pain pu...

Graphic representation of a person with red marked areas where polyneuropathy can spread.
Distribution pattern of polyneuropathy


Polyneuropathy is a disease of the peripheral nerves, while spinal stenosis is a sign of wear and tear. Due to the similarity of the symptoms, the ...

X-ray image of the spiral canal and the facet joint with drawing
Spinal canal X-ray!


Spinal canal stenosis of the lumbar spine as the cause of intermittent claudication Older people often complain of load-dependent pain, which is ...