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A patient having a medical consultation with the two experts Dr Petra Gürtner and Dr Astrid Takacs-Tolnai.
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About us

Holistic neurosurgery – that’s the topic.

My colleague and I are both neurosurgeons.

The brain and the nervous system are parts of the human body. The concept of Mind, Body and Soul has prevailed throughout the ages. Therefore we use age old therapeutic wisdom and modern science. Within the last decades scientists have traced our feelings to chemicals. They found neurotransmitters and hormones which are acting on the brain and the whole body. Obviously the mind is heavily influenced by the physical state of the body, so that f.e. menopause or extreme sleep deprivation modify thought processes,  But walking does too.

We specialize and focus on well being for seniors.

A woman whose face is blurred as she stretches her hands towards the camera and holds a blue bird vase.
Dr. Astrid Takacs Tolnair and Dr. Petra Guertner take care of their patients

There is no "old age" when it comes to joy of life - don't acquisce to the pain of degenerative disease!

Walking is of tremendous benefit to our physical and emotional well-being as well as it is improving our memory. Walking promotes  the release of endorphins. Scientists have shown that people who walk are less likely to be depressed.  Even patients with Alzheimer’s will do much better, if they walk. This is due to adult neurogenesis (stem cells will turn into nerve cells in adults).

Once there is suffering, expeditious action is required. For senior citizens everyday tasks consume a lot of energy. There is little extra reserve when sickness strikes.

Thus, it is of great importance to promote independence in daily actions and living at home with a full range of social contacts. We empower patients to be self motivated and to strive to regain full health.

In this, we accompany our patients on the continuing path to joy of life and well being.

Do you complain of…?

  • Back Pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Poor Control of Urination
  • Frequent Falls
  • Numbness in your Fingers, Arms or Legs
  • Poor memory
  • Headaches, Dizziness or Forgetfulness
  • Weakness of Arms and Legs
  • Sadness and Lack of Hope

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